The Economical Choice for Wyoming Registered Agent Service

When you form a Wyoming LLC or form a Wyoming Corporation, the law requires you to have a Wyoming registered agent to accept important mail and legal documents on behalf of your company at a Wyoming registered office physically located in the State of Wyoming. Your Wyoming registered office cannot be a PO Box or Wyoming Virtual Office. And frankly speaking, shouldn’t be a residential home either. But meeting this bureaucratic hurdle doesn’t need to suck up a lot of your time, be a burden to you, or cost you a ton of money. We view this as an opportunity to make your life easier and better instead of a waste of money. Hiring a great Wyoming resident agent can save you time and money vs hiring non-responsive and/or expensive Wyoming registered agents.

Wyoming Registered Agent Services LLC offers the fastest, most efficient and cheapest Wyoming registered agent service in our industry.

  • Our Fee: $25 Per Year TOTAL (no gotchas)
  • How Long It Takes to Sign Up: 5 Minutes
  • Registered Agent Consent Form: Available immediately after sign-up in your account
  • Domestic LLCs Formed Instantly Online (no consent form)
  • Website, Email, and Phone Service (no upfront cost)

More Than Just Wyoming Registered Agents:

  • Free Wyoming mail forwarding included
  • Domain Name, website, SSL certificate, and email service available
  • Wyoming phone service available
  • Online account – Don’t trust an agent that can’t provide a dashboard
  • Use our address for your business
  • Compliance reminders to help you keep your Wyoming company active
  • We scan your mail to you and store in your online account
  • We forward your bank account info the same day if you’re setting up a bank account
  • Your Online Account with Every Wyoming Business Document You’ll Ever Need
  • Affordable Business Filing Services if wanted
  • Real Wyoming Resident Agent Experts Available To Assist You Every Day
  • No virtual office. Many websites you’ll hire will put you in a virtual office address
  • Commercial Wyoming Registered Office location, not a residential home
  • Cheapest Wyoming Virtual Office in the state
  • We’re not a landlord, and won’t be yours

There are many Wyoming registered agents out there for you to choose from. Our competitors might pitch one price, but when you try to sign up, you’ll find yourself paying 2-3 times more! We get new clients changing from other “Cheap Wyoming Registered Agents” basically every day. Many people switch their Wyoming Registered Agent Services to us all the time.

At Wyoming Registered Agent Services LLC, you’re more than just a number. You’re a valued client. We only make $25 a year TOTAL off every client. You do the math. When we get a new client you are VERY valuable to us. Keeping you happy keeps us in business. It’s a win-win inherently. We take your business seriously. We believe business formation and compliance shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, and we believe affordable isn’t another word for substandard.

The best price. The best service. Guaranteed.

How Do Wyoming Registered Agents Work?

According to Wyoming’s state statutes (W.S 17-16-501) a Wyoming company must maintain a Wyoming registered office and Wyoming resident agent within the state.

As Wyoming registered agents, our job is to accept official documents and mail that come to our office for your company at our Wyoming registered office during normal business hours. At its core, this requirement seems minimal, but this isn’t something to take lightly. When you are choosing a Wyoming resident agent, when you list that choice, you are giving that person or company the legal right to accept the most important legal documents your company may ever receive.

For example: You form a Wyoming LLC to own a property in your home state, someone sues you, they are required to send it to your registered agent. Even if your registered agent got this law suit for you, but didn’t have a proper system in place to get that document to you, you have been legally notified. It’s a big decision that should not be based on price alone, but the systems and reliability the Wyoming resident agent offers.

When we receive any of your mail in our office, we scan and upload those documents into your online account and notify you immediately via multiple ways. Our job is to make sure you are notified when documents arrive and are ready to view, that way you don’t miss important deadlines, such as annual reports or court appearances.

How Do I Change My Wyoming Registered Agent to Your Service?

Easy. All you need to do is sign up for our service. We can take care of the rest. We’ll be listed as your new Wyoming Registered Agent Service and Wyoming Registered Office in about 2 days.

Do You Offer Mail Forwarding Services?

We scan your mail as we get it into your online account. As your registered agent, we will always accept, scan and upload any service of process or state notices at no extra cost. We’ll also do the same for up to three regular pieces of mail a year. If you think you need more, check out our Mail Forwarding Plans and Virtual Office Service.

Do You Offer Website and Email Services?

We provide the best service for the cheapest price, and part of that is giving you everything you need to get your business off the ground. That includes domain name, website, SSL certificate, and email services. How does it work? You choose your domain name (your email address will match), and we provide you with a pre-built website on an open-source platform. It’s easy to get started and easy to customize. All the data on your website and your domain name are yours, even if you switch hosting. You can order these web services bundled together with a Wyoming business phone line or separately. There’s no upfront cost to add these services, and you have the power to cancel whenever you like.

Can I Get a Business Phone Line From You?

You can. We’ll get you a dedicated business phone line that starts with the Wyoming area code of your choice. Then, you can use your computer or our smartphone app to access your phone and voicemail. You can get phone service on its own free for 90 days or bundled with our website and email services. You won’t have to pay anything to add, and you can cancel at will.

How Do I Form a Business In Wyoming?

Wyoming is a really simple state for business filings. The process is very straightforward.

To form a Wyoming LLC, you must file Articles of Organization. There is a $100 filing fee. The form is filed with the Wyoming Secretary of State, and it can be filed online instantly! Domestic LLCs can now be formed immediately online.

To form a Corporation in Wyoming, you must file Articles of Incorporation. It is $100 to file this form as well. The form is filed with the Wyoming SOS. Processing takes 3 to 5 business days.

Most of our clients are forming a Wyoming company to have a privately formed business entity. If you form the company yourself, your name will show up on the articles. We recommend hiring us to form your Wyoming LLC or Wyoming Corporation. Your total cost will be $150 if we form the company for you. This includes everything—including all of our business communication tools.

When you form a Wyoming business, you are required to appoint a Wyoming resident agent. When you hire Wyoming Registered Agent Services LLC to incorporate your company, we will act as your registered agent, your Wyoming registered office, and we can use our address to fulfill your principal office address and mailing address requirements, as well as sign as your Wyoming organizer or Wyoming incorporator. Learn more at our page on How Our Registered Agent Service Guards Your Privacy.