Wyoming Mail Forwarding

With our Wyoming mail forwarding, you use our address for whatever you need, you get your mail the same day it comes, and you have a great looking professional Wyoming address. We own our own building in Sheridan, Wyoming. That means we own every step of the process once we receive your mail and scan it to your online account that same day, allowing us to ensure data protection and utmost privacy for our clients.

We know that receiving mail at an in-state address for your Wyoming LLC or corporation is one of the top concerns for businesses operating inside and outside of our state. That’s why we offer a variety of different mail forwarding packages—so you can find the right mail forwarding package for your Wyoming business.

Hire Us and Get Free Mail Forwarding

Wyoming Mail Forwarding Packages:

Our local agents scan and upload your documents the same day, and you can view all of your company’s state and legal mail free of charge as our registered agent clients. On top of that, our Wyoming registered agent clients get 3 FREE scans of regular business mail per year.

What if you need more than 3 scans, though? You can upgrade to one of our paid mail forwarding services:


Free Mail Forwarding

Standard Mail Forwarding

Premium Mail Forwarding

Virtual Office

Free Business Address
Secure Online Account
Junk Mail Filtering
Wyoming Phone Service 90 Days Free 90 Days Free 90 Days Free
Unique Suite Number  
Wyoming Office Lease      
Conference Room Availability        Option to Rent

Same-Day Mail Scans

 3 Mail Scans

+10 more
Mail Scans

+25 more
Mail Scans

Mail Scans

Price Free for Clients $49 / year $99 / year $19 / month

Our mail forwarding packages can help cover your mail forwarding needs, but you can also read more about our Wyoming Virtual Office service. It’s not just a package with unlimited mail scans: it’s an entire business identity that you can take to the bank, including everything from a real Wyoming office lease, a unique suite number for your business documents, and a local phone line that you can use for your business. It’s everything you need to establish a professional and legitimate business presence in Wyoming. Simply click one of the options below and choose one of our mail forwarding services or virtual office before you submit your order.

Get a Registered Agent – $25                              Form a Company – $150

Get Wyoming Mail Forwarding Today

A big thing to consider when choosing a Wyoming mail forwarding service is what kind of address will you have? If you use someone in a place like Jackson Hole or many areas in Wyoming, you’ll have to get your mail at a PO Box. Many towns in Wyoming do not have street delivery, so people have to provide you a PO Box if you want mail there. You’re transacting business wherever you are and you give someone a PO Box in Wyoming to get your mail at, you’re going to look sketchy. Same goes for listing your home address: you jeopardize your privacy. Oh, and many registered agents in Wyoming will offer their home address. They do this as a side job, but again, it doesn’t look very legit when you give someone your company name at a random home address. And lastly, we feel a Cheyenne address where there’s 20,000 companies already there looks bad as well.

Not with our permanent business address in the building we own in Sheridan. It covers all the bases for establishing a professional and stable business presence in Wyoming, and we handle your mail forwarding right here in our secure building.

Not only are we the cheapest Wyoming mail forwarding option, we feel we are the best option. You can get our free Wyoming mail forwarding by default when ordering a Wyoming LLC, a Wyoming Corporation, or when we’re your Wyoming Registered Agent. And as an added bonus, we’re now including a free 90-day test run of our Wyoming Phone Service for every client that signs up for mail forwarding, business formation or registered agent service. Wyoming Phone Service is a virtual phone line you can use on any device, complete with calling, texting, voicemail, and Caller ID. With a price of just $9 a month after the first 90 days, maintaining your business phone line (and protecting your personal phone number) won’t break the bank.

Wyoming Mail Forwarding Package Options

With all our packages, you can use our address for your business, domain registrations, checking accounts, investments, deeds, and whatever you need to maintain a Wyoming presence to whom you do business with.

  • Free
    Wyoming mail forwarding is included at no additional charge with each Wyoming registered agent service order. We open and scan your mail to your online account daily. When you receive the digital scan, you can request the original copy to be mailed to you for a per item fee. With our free Wyoming mail forwarding, we will scan up to 3 items per year.
  • $49 a Year Scanning
    You will get your own unique suite number for your business and we will open and scan your Wyoming mail to you daily. You still receive the courtesy free first 3 digital mail scans, and then an additional 10 pieces of mail. We’ll never refuse your documents, but after 13 initial pieces of mail are received for your business, we will charge $15 per piece of mail received and uploaded to your account.
  • $99 a Year Scanning
    Our highest level Mail Forwarding package includes the first 3 free digital mail scans, a unique suite number for your business address, and an additional 25 digital mail scans annually. As with other packages, we will not refuse your mail after exceeding your mail forwarding package, but you can expect a $15 processing fee for each additional piece of mail scanned, and a processing fee for any document you need physically forwarded (typically $9 plus postage).

For clients who need more from a business address, we also offer Wyoming virtual office service for $19 a month. This service includes an actual lease with our landlord, no limits on mail received and Wyoming Phone Service (a fully-functional virtual phone line with a 307 area code). When you sign our lease, you will be assigned dedicated office space suite number, as you’ll be leasing actual office space in Wyoming. Having a Wyoming lease also provides you some further options to establish your Wyoming Nexus. We’ve written a page outlining how to get a Wyoming phone number for free.

How Does Wyoming Mail Forwarding Work?

  1. When you sign up for Wyoming registered agent service, you’ll be given the option of choosing a mail forwarding plan ranging from free to a $99 a year mail forwarding option.
  2. Once you’ve paid and completed our registered agent signup, if you select a Wyoming mail forwarding option, in addition to your free online account, your business will be assigned its own unique address in Wyoming.
  3. We will begin receiving and scanning mail on your business’s behalf. Scanned items will be uploaded to your online account.
  4. Each mail forwarding package has limits. Once your selected package limit is reached, we will scan your incoming mail at a rate of $15 per item. You can upgrade mail forwarding packages at any time.

Do Items Received by My Registered Agent Count Towards My Mail Forwarding Limit?

No. Service of process or official notices from the Wyoming Secretary of State do not count towards your monthly or annual mail forwarding limits. Junk mail never counts towards your mail count. Only actual mail that you had come here counts towards your mail forwarding limits. So if you pissed off your neighbor and they send you a nasty letter, that doesn’t count. We accept those kind of letters as your registered agent.

What About Junk Mail?

Junk mail (mail solicitations) will be shredded upon receipt, unless you tell us to do otherwise. Junk mail does NOT count towards your mail forwarding item count.

What Constitutes “Regular Mail”?

Mail that will be opened and scanned is mail that looks like regular mail. Items like bank statements, handwritten letters, and other real mail items will be scanned. However, we respect your privacy and do not read your mail, so there is the chance that something you consider to be junk will be scanned from time to time. We process hundreds of letters a day and we tend to error on getting the client the document. But we’re pretty good at knowing junk mail vs regular mail. When we get a junk mail batch it usually comes in boxes.

What Can You Use Our Address For?

One of the things that clients like best about us is that we let clients use our address for everything, but if you want us to receive your mail and forward it to you, just sign up for our free mail forwarding service. We’re the only Wyoming registered agent that offers this service for free. Please, take advantage of it.

How can I use your mail forwarding service?

Simple. If you already have a company, you just get a registered agent below and we’ll change the agent to us, and we’ll set up your mail forwarding.

If you want to form a company, you simply select the option to get mail forwarding on the form a company tab below: