Terms of Service and Wyoming Registered Agency Agreement

“We” or “us” refers to Wyoming Registered Agent Services LLC. “You” refers to the client. The laws of Wyoming govern Wyoming Registered Agent Services LLC and any agreement with us.

By accepting the terms of service, the client acknowledges and agrees to everything in this agreement:

  • Any information on this website or expressed by us is only an interpretation and opinion. We do not offer legal or tax advice, nor do we practice law.

  • We are allowed to accept service of process on the behalf of the client.

  • In accordance with W.S. 17-28-107, you will provide all necessary information to Wyoming Registered Agent Services LLC, so that we can comply with Wyoming state laws and commercial registered agent requirements. You will provide us this information (which includes company contact information and a complete list of directors and managers) through tools in your online account with which you can securely store your company’s information.

  • If you hire us and are unwilling to provide us the required information, we reserve the right to resign as your registered agent.

  • Wyoming Registered Agent Services LLC’s liability, financial or otherwise, is limited only to the fees paid to us.

Wyoming Registered Agent Services LLC agrees to accept service of process and other official notices on the client’s behalf and forward the legal documents to the client. We will also meet all commercial registered agent requirements set forth by the great State of Wyoming (W.S. Title 17 Chapter 28). We will also never sell or offer your private information to any third party, unless directed by a court.


There are no refunds if you want one, but if we screw something up, we absolutely will refund your money. We only charge $25. If after reading our website and taking the time to submit a form online and pay us $25, and then you change your mind, it’s not worth it for either of us to deal with all the headaches of a refund. Our goal is 100% perfection in every legal document we handle and every filing we do for you. Let’s say the unthinkable happens: alligators show up in Wyoming, eat everything, and we screw something up for you. If this happens, or something less severe, we will issue you a refund without you having to ask for it. It would be embarrassing if we screwed up something for you and we wouldn’t want your money if we did a bad job.

If you dispute a charge on your credit card, we charge $75 an hour for the time it takes to submit the dispute paperwork showing that our charges are accurate.