Cheapest Wyoming Virtual Office

Whether you’re starting a company out of your garage or you’re an out-of-state business owner looking to establish a business presence in Wyoming, the right Wyoming Virtual Office service can streamline your entire operation without breaking the bank. This is especially crucial with rent skyrocketing and business owners scrambling to keep up.

Not with our virtual office package. For only $19 a month, you get a Wyoming office lease, a secondary phone line with a Wyoming area code, and a unique suite number in the building we own in Sheridan. That’s everything you’ll need for tangible proof of your Wyoming business as a stable and legitimate operation at an economical cost.

Get a Registered Agent – $25      Form a Company – $150

$19 a Month Wyoming Virtual Office!

Wyoming virtual office service can be expensive. But not with us—we’re the economical choice for a reason. We believe in fast, efficient, and inexpensive solutions. For that reason we’ve created a $19 a month Wyoming Virtual Office solution for those who don’t want to be locked into contracts for physical office spaces at exorbitant prices.

Check out how our Virtual Office compares to our mail forwarding services:


Free Mail Forwarding

Mail Forwarding

Mail Forwarding

Virtual Office

Free Business Address
Secure Online Account
Junk Mail Filtering
Wyoming Phone Service 90 Days Free 90 Days Free 90 Days Free
Unique Suite Number  
Wyoming Office Lease      
Conference Room Availability        Option to Rent

Same-Day Mail Scans

 3 Mail Scans

+10 more
Mail Scans

+25 more
Mail Scans

Mail Scans

Price Free for Clients $49 / year $99 / year $19 / month

Our virtual office package is essentially your business identity in a box. With a unique suite number you can include on your website and business cards, you get prestige. With a Wyoming phone line, you protect your privacy. And with a Wyoming office lease, you have tangible proof for a Wyoming nexus and bank account. All for only $19 a month. Read more about the benefits of a Wyoming virtual office below!

Wyoming Virtual Office Service Overview

The Only Wyoming Virtual Office You’ll Need

Our Wyoming virtual office service includes:

  • Your own unique suite number
  • We will provide you with an actual lease with our landlord. This lease will help build Wyoming nexus and open a Wyoming bank account.
  • We open and scan your mail to you.
  • Your own secure, online account where you can view the mail we’ve received for your Wyoming LLC or corporation
  • Wyoming Phone Service that you can take anywhere and use with any device

You get all this for just $19 a month. It’s the most economical and efficient Wyoming virtual office service you’ll find, and it’s the only virtual office that provides you with a lease.

What you should look for in a Virtual Office:

  • Don’t get duped by virtual office services that are national outfits simply reselling local services like ours.
  • Don’t get stuck with someone giving you a PO Box to get your mail at. Many towns in Wyoming like Jackson Hole don’t get street delivery. Hiring a virtual office service in many of these type of towns will get you stuck with a PO Box.
  • Don’t get slow mail. We scan your mail to you daily.
  • Shifty websites. Many websites might provide you a loose idea of what you’ll get. We believe in transparency before and after the sale.
  • The right company. You can check out what we’re all about.

What is a Wyoming Virtual Office?

Wyoming businesses like virtual offices because they save money on not having to rent office space and pay all the overhead that comes with it. The virtual office address, however, is used as the business’ primary address. A virtual office is ideal for someone running a business out of their home who doesn’t want to put their home address on public documents and contact forms. Virtual offices are also used by business owners who incorporate in Wyoming, but don’t live in Wyoming. No matter your circumstance, our Wyoming virtual office service can help your business. We are a virtual extension of your business. You don’t have to worry about payroll, work comp insurance, unemployment insurance, utilities, or all the other annoyances of maintaining a business office. You can wake up and check your mail on your laptop and use our resources if needed.

Many of our clients simply are incorporating in Wyoming to have an alternate identity. The Wyoming company is the start of that journey, but finishing off your alternate identity by getting your mail in Wyoming and having a Wyoming phone number really finishes the job.

Multiple Virtual Offices for Multiple Businesses?

Absolutely. Each business that registers for our Wyoming virtual office service will be given its own unique address.

Can I sign up for Wyoming Virtual Office service without Registered Agent service?

We only offer virtual office services for our Wyoming registered agent clients if you have a company registered in Wyoming. We’re $25 a year to be your registered agent, the cheapest in the state.

How do I change Wyoming Virtual Office providers?

You can change registered agents in Wyoming to us for free if you already have service with someone else and we’ll update your address to ours. Then we’ll get you a new WY phone number, and you can change the address you give out to people to our virtual address we provide you. It may take a few hours of your time, but will be well worth it to get a reliable long term solution for virtual office services in WY.

What if I don’t need an office in Wyoming, but do I need a Wyoming address for mail?

Please see our Wyoming mail forwarding options. We offer free Wyoming mail forwarding with every registered agent signup.

How do I sign up?

Just click one of the order buttons below to order either registered agent service or business formation service. Then, under “Mail Forwarding Options” you can choose “Have your mail sent to Wyoming” and you’ll see a dropdown including virtual office. Select that option and submit your order—our knowledgeable local experts will handle everything from there!