Wyoming LLC Certificate of Authority

Foreign LLC in Wyoming

If you run an LLC located outside of Wyoming and you want to operate in Wyoming, you will register your limited liability company as a foreign Wyoming LLC. You do so by filing an Application for certificate of authority.

Here are the steps to getting a Wyoming Certificate of Authority:

  1. Look up your LLC’s name and make sure you get the exact legal name as it’s formed in your home state. Here’s a list of the 51 Secretaries of State. Do a name search in your home state.
  2. Order a certificate of good standing from the state you formed your LLC in, or whatever the equivalent of it is called in your home state.
  3. Hire a Wyoming Registered Agent. We’re only $25, and the most economical choice.
  4. Start filling out the application for certificate of authority, or if you’re hiring us, it’s in your online account.
  5. Wait till you get the original certificate of good standing from your home state, put that with your signed application for LLC certificate of authority, and then wait for our originally signed registered agent consent form. We mail this to you the same day you place an order for Wyoming Registered Agent Services.
  6. Send in everything, along with one photo copy of everything, and a check for $100 to the Wyoming Secretary of State here: State Capitol Building, Room 110 200 West 24th, Cheyenne, WY 82002
    Wait for the filed copy to get mailed back to you, or do a WY name search to see it quicker.

All foreign LLCs in Wyoming will require a Wyoming registered agent and a Wyoming registered office. We charge $25 a year to act as your Wyoming Registered Agent and Wyoming Registered Office.

A Foreign Wyoming LLC is not an LLC from a non-USA country. It simply means you formed your LLC already and you want to do business here. So if you formed a Delaware LLC, you get a Delaware certificate of status, and file as a foreign (non-Wyoming) LLC.

Many of our foreign clients that are based outside the US, think they need a foreign Wyoming LLC. You do not need a foreign Wyoming LLC. You need a domestic Wyoming LLC.