How Our Registered Agent Service Guards Your Privacy

In an era when ordering takeout, “liking” a picture of your friend’s dog, or simply making a phone call involves being tracked and surveilled, it’s no wonder business owners are looking for effective ways to guard their personal information. Desiring privacy doesn’t make you secretive or sketchy. It simply means you understand that protecting your privacy is important.

Wyoming already offers advantages for business owners seeking privacy, but to take full advantage of them, you need to hire a professional registered agent service that knows how to keep your private information off the public record. We’re that service!

Wyoming Registered Agent Service 

There’s a good chance you chose a Wyoming corporation or LLC at least in part because of Wyoming’s awesome privacy perks, such as an LLC not needing to include the names of its members or managers on its Articles of Organization. However, you can only take advantage of Wyoming’s privacy benefits if you hire a Wyoming registered agent service (like ours) dedicated to protecting your privacy.

At Wyoming Registered Agent Services LLC, we offer the best registered agent service in Wyoming for just $25 a year.

Our Wyoming registered agent service includes:

  • Use of our address on all your formation documents, state filings, and other paperwork
  • A secure and private online account, accessible 24/7 from anywhere
  • Free mail forwarding (up to 3 non-state documents scanned per year)

Plus, you’ll have the option to upgrade to our paid mail forwarding or virtual office services if you also want the added security of having your regular business mail sent to us.

Privacy Through a Wyoming LLC 

Wyoming’s LLC statutes come with privacy baked into the cake. The Wyoming Secretary of State does not require an LLC’s members or managers to be listed on the Articles of Organization, and Wyoming does not have income tax for corporations or individuals. This means the only potentially revealing information that has to appear on your Wyoming LLC’s public filings is the name and physical address of your registered agent, your principal office, and your mailing address.

You can choose to act as your LLC’s registered agent in Wyoming, but if you do, you’ll have to list your name and a physical address on the public record. Doing so negates the privacy benefits that made Wyoming look so good in the first place.

Hire us to form your Wyoming LLC, and the address of your principal office is automatically not a problem because you can use our address in place of yours for FREE. What about your regular business mail and mailing address? We can help there too. Check out the section below on our paid mail forwarding and virtual office services for more.

Enhanced Wyoming Corporate Privacy 

Hiring us to incorporate your Wyoming business will keep your name and principal office address off your Articles of Incorporation, but unlike LLCs, a Wyoming corporation is a bit trickier when it comes to maintaining long-term privacy. While Wyoming doesn’t require an initial list of officers, your corporation’s first annual report must list at least one officer or director. That person must sign and list their name and address. So while our services can give you some semblance of anonymity, that anonymity isn’t total.

However, with no levied corporate, personal, or franchise taxes, your interactions with Wyoming will be minimal, and using our registered agent services will only enhance the legally available privacy your corporation deserves. There are a lot of registered agent options in Wyoming, but we’ve been at this a long time, and it’s all we do. We know how to keep your corporate information as quiet as legally possible.

Maintaining Business Privacy With Mail Forwarding and Virtual Office Services 

Like an onion, there are many layers to privacy. Our registered agent service is the outside layer, providing our standard privacy protection to all of our clients. But why stop at just one layer? When you hire us as your registered agent, or to form your Wyoming LLC or corporation, you’ll have the option of adding additional layers, like our Mail Forwarding and Virtual Office services, each designed with your privacy in mind.

Wyoming Mail Forwarding

Your business mail has to go somewhere, and the formation documents for both Wyoming LLCs and Wyoming corporations ask for a mailing address. Sure, you can use your office address, a PO box, or your home address for your regular business mail, but using our Wyoming mail forwarding service can add an extra layer of privacy between you and your business by keeping your business’s mailing address off the public record too.

Our free mail forwarding (3 pieces of non-state mail a year) comes standard with our registered agent service, but that isn’t for your regular business mail. It’s for those odd times when a client or investor sends mail to your registered agent instead of you (trust us, it happens).

But if you want a mail coverage option that extends to your regular business mail and keeps your business’s mailing address off your public filings, you can use our enhanced mail forwarding service for just $49 or $99 a year, depending on the package that fits your business needs. This service includes a unique address for your business mail and 10 or 25 additional pieces of mail on top of the three free pieces we include for each client. .

Click here to learn more about our Wyoming Mail Forwarding service.

Wyoming Virtual Office

Our Wyoming virtual office service is the Kevlar vest of privacy protection. For $19 a month you’ll get a unique suite number with daily mail scanning to your secure online account, a 307 Wyoming phone number forwarded to a phone of your choice, and an actual office lease that really drives home your business’s professionalism. Plus, we will scan and upload an unlimited amount of mail for your business each year.

A Wyoming virtual office not only gives you a physical address and mailing address in state, but it offers a professional look without the brick and mortar cost. You can work from your home, a coffee shop, or anywhere with an internet connection while your business enjoys all the benefits of a physical office at a fraction of the price. When customers Google or drive by the address, they’ll see a professional building that lends your business credibility while keeping your personal business private.

Our virtual office clients also have access to shared office space at our location, conference room rentals, or a dedicated office. We’re the best price, and the best virtual office service in the state of Wyoming—giving you everything you need with nothing you don’t—all while safeguarding your personal and business privacy.

Click here to learn more about our Wyoming Virtual Office service.

Separate Your Business and Personal Communications

With our website, email, and phone services, you can keep your personal email and phone private while making your business look more professional. Our web and phone services include: domain name, pre-built website on an open-source platform, email (matching your domain name), SSL certificate, and a dedicated Wyoming phone number and voicemail box. All of these services can be added to registered agent or business formation service for no additional upfront costs, bundled or on an individual basis. You can cancel at will.

What’s the advantage of getting these services with us? Ease of use and privacy. We’ll get your business online in minutes, and your domain name and website data will always belong to you, even if you change to a different web host. Accessing your phone service and voicemail is simple with our smartphone app or your computer. And, our Wyoming experts are there to help you out at any point of the process.

Annual Report Compliance 

It’s pretty easy to establish business security and privacy protections by hiring us to act as your Wyoming registered agent and form your LLC. However, many business owners go wrong and sacrifice privacy during the Wyoming annual report process. Wyoming annual reports must be signed by someone that has been authorized by the company do so. If you sign them yourself, you’ll lose a bit of the privacy you worked so hard to protect.

For $100, we’ll file your LLC’s annual reports on time and use our information to do so. Our Annual Report Compliance service ensures that the paperwork trail leads to us, not you.

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When starting and maintaining a business in Wyoming, it is imperative that you pay attention to how important it is to divide your home and work life. At Wyoming Registered Agent Services, we understand the need for separation between your life and the life of your business. Hire us and take advantage of our privacy-focused services today.