Cheapest Way to Form a Wyoming Corporation

Form a Wyoming Corporation with Us: $150 total

Forming Wyoming corporations is simple. You can form a Wyoming Corporation by filing Articles of Incorporation with the Wyoming Secretary of State. If you hire us to form your Wyoming corporation (which, you should, because we form Wyoming corporations every day), your total cost will be $150. That’s it. Minimal information is needed to file Wyoming Articles of Incorporation. Wyoming does not charge more based on your authorized or issued shares like other obnoxious popular states to incorporate in.

We will get your Wyoming Corporation done in 1 business day. We’ll include Wyoming articles, corporate bylaws, and your resolutions to start your new Wyoming corporation. Plus, you’ll get website, email, and phone service for no additional upfront costs—basically, we give you everything you need to kick-start your corporation.

Wyoming Corporations are prestigious. Wyoming is not in budget deficits like other states and we do not have to squeeze dollars out of Wyoming Corporations.

How to Form a Wyoming Corporation Yourself: $125 total

  1. Do a name search and see if your desired Wyoming corporation name is available
  2. You’re going to file these Wyoming articles of incorporation. File the articles online on the state website.
  3. Hire us. We’re the Cheapest Wyoming Registered Agent at only $25
  4. Submit the $100 filing fee online or send a check and a paper copy of the filing to:

Wyoming Secretary of State
250 West 24th St
Cheyenne, WY 82502

Wyoming Corporations are not private. Officer and director information will be required and available to the public eventually. You can form a Wyoming Corporation without listing officers and directors, but when you file your annual report, you will have to disclose them. We can form your Wyoming Corporation for you (Wyoming corporations are our specialty), but be aware that when we sign as your incorporator it will keep your information off-line for one year. If you’re really into privacy, please look at a Wyoming LLC. It’s totally private if you hire a registered agent that does it the right way for you.

If by chance you still want us to incorporate in Wyoming for you, you can place an order for a Wyoming Corporation for $150 total.

We’ll do the filing for you. Our office handles Wyoming corporations every day, and we know exactly how Wyoming corp formation works.

Benefits of a Wyoming Corporation

  • No Wyoming corporation shareholder ledgers are given to the state
  • No stockholder information is required to be held in state
  • No officers or directors are needed the first year
  • No need for nominee officers or directors, you can choose an LLC
  • Best asset protection statutes for corporations in the country
  • Super cheap price of $62 a year to maintain with the state
  • No franchise tax fees
  • No annual fee based on shares
  • A set of corporate bylaws are not required to be maintained

What’s Included in Our Wyoming Corp Package

Our $150 total Wyoming Corp package includes:

  • The $100 Wyoming State filing fee for the WY corp articles of incorporation
  • First year of $25 resident agent and registered office services
  • Listing our address on the Wyoming corp articles as the principal address
  • Listing our address on the Wyoming corp articles as the mailing address
  • Website, domain name, SSL certificate, and email service
  • Wyoming phone service
  • You can use our address for your business mail
  • We include free mail forwarding
  • For all Wyoming corporations, we sign as the incorporator
  • We email you a scanned copy of the filed articles as soon as we get them back, and mail an original
  • We always store a copy of your filed WY corp articles in your online account
  • Necessary compliance with WY state laws
  • A secure online account to manage your Wyoming corporation
  • Optional add-on items, like corporate book and seal
  • Option to register a trade name (DBA) for $225 using our Trade Name Service at checkout

The choice is yours, as the most economical Wyoming Registered Agent, we’re happy to help you incorporate in Wyoming or help you do a Wyoming incorporation yourself. We file paperwork to incorporate in Wyoming corporations everyday, and we know how to get it done right the first time.

You don’t have to pay anything extra upfront to get our website, domain name, SSL certificate, email, and phone service. You choose your domain name and the Wyoming area code for your dedicated phone line. It’s easy to launch and customize your website, which comes pre-built and on an open-source platform. And, you own that domain name and all your website data. These services can also increase you privacy by keeping your business and personal communications separate. You can bundle these services or order them individually, and you can cancel any time.

Every Wyoming incorporation client also receives our free Wyoming mail forwarding service or you can opt for our Wyoming virtual office service.

Next Steps After Wyoming Incorporation

You’ve incorporated in Wyoming—now what? There are a few essential steps you’ll need to take ensure your corporation stays compliant at the state and federal level and runs smoothly:

Prepare Wyoming corporate bylaws. State law requires all Wyoming corporations to have corporate bylaws. However, you don’t have to file your corporate bylaws with the state (just make sure you keep a copy on hand). Corporate bylaws contain the rules and regulations your corporation must follow to operate well.

For example, bylaws explain:

  • How to appoint corporate officers
  • When and where to hold important meetings
  • Record- and bookkeeping procedures
  • How to handle disputes

Your corporate bylaws can be complicated, and they’re legal-binding, so that’s why our Wyoming incorporation package includes access to sample corporate bylaws drafted by a lawyer.

Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Your EIN (or FEIN) is available through the IRS online EIN application portal. Corporations are required to apply for this tax ID number, which they use on federal tax filings. Check out our detailed walkthrough on How to Get an IRS EIN Number for Free in Wyoming.

Open a Business Bank Account. You’ll need a dedicated bank account for your new corporation. For limited liability protection, it’s important to ensure your personal assets and business assets remain separate. Learn more about How to Open a Wyoming Bank Account for an LLC or Corporation.

File your Beneficial Ownership Information report. As of January 1, 2024, most corporations are required to file Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) report with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) in an effort to combat financial crime. Corporations formed after the effective date in 2024 have 90 days to file. Starting in 2025, BOI report filing must be completed within 30 days of company formation.  Meanwhile, all existing corporations (formed before 2024) have until January 1, 2025 to file.

Unless your corporation is exempt (for example, if you have 20+ employees and make over $5 million a year), you must provide FinCEN with information about your:

  • Reporting company: your corporation
  • Beneficial owner: anyone with substantial control over company operations, like a corporate officer, or anyone who owns at least 25% of the corporation
  • Company applicant: the individual(s) responsible for your formation filing

Your BOI report is free to file, and the information you provide does not go on the public record.

BOI reports must include the following information:

For your reporting company:

  1. Legal company name
  2. All DBA or trade names
  3. The jurisdiction where your corp was formed
  4. Your tax ID (EIN or TIN)

For your beneficial owner(s) and company applicant(s):

  1. Full legal name
  2. Residential address
  3. Birth date
  4. Copy of photo ID (for example, driver’s license or passport)

If you’re looking to lighten your filing load, we offer BOI report filing for only $25.