Wyoming Corporate Book & Seal Kit

Get a professional look for your business with a corporate book and seal. It used to be the case that Wyoming LLCs and corporations were required by law to have a corporate seal, but it’s no longer required. So why might you choose to get a corporate kit?

Benefits of A WY Corporate Book & Seal Kit

A corporate kit will help your Wyoming corporation or Wyoming LLC stayed organized and professional.

When you get a corporate book from us, you get a binder with all your company’s most important internal documents—from formation papers to stock certificates and meeting minutes—all pre-populated with your company’s name and information.

While having a corporate seal is no longer required by law (WY Stat § 17-16-120), many businesses still choose to keep a corporate seal on hand to emboss documents with their company name, date of formation and state of formation. Adding your corporate seal to your business documents not only supports company branding but also gives your documents an added level of professionalism.

What You Get:

A corporate book for storing key corporate documents.

Corporate Book ($60):

  • Synthetic, black leather ½” zip binder
  • 20 corporate stock/unit certificates
  • Stock transfer ledger
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Meeting minutes packet
  • Annual shareholder meeting notice
  • Initial shareholder meeting waiver
  • Corporate ledgers
  • Corporate resolutions
  • Labels

LLC Corp. Book ($60):

  • Synthetic, black leather ½” zip binder
  • Initial and annual meeting minutes
  • Certificate of formation
  • LLC operating agreement
  • 20 custom membership interest certificates
  • Membership transfer ledgers
  • Initial member meeting minutes
  • Waiver of initial meeting
  • Annual meeting minutes
  • Initial resolutions
  • Labels

Corporate Seal ($40):

  • Laser engraved embosser
  • Customized to match your business
  • Includes:
    • Business name
    • Year of formation
    • State of formation
  • Sheets of gold seals for embossment

How to Get A Corporate Book & Seal

After you’ve hired us to form your company, go into your online account, click “Hire Us” at the top of the page, select your company name, then select “Corporate Supplies” and choose the items you’d like.