Cheapest Way to Form a Wyoming LLC

Form a Wyoming Limited Liability Company with us: $150 total

Forming a Wyoming LLC is fast and easy. You form a Wyoming LLC by filing Articles of Organization with the Wyoming Secretary of State online and you’ll have a filed Wyoming LLC instantly. A Wyoming LLC is the best LLC in the US. You create a Wyoming LLC with a document called Articles of Organization. You can form a Wyoming LLC without listing members or managers information on the public Articles of Organization. Wyoming has the best asset protection laws out of any limited liability company act in the US. The Wyoming LLC can be formed for $100 if you form the Limited Liability Company yourself, or $150 total if you use our services. You can have a single member Wyoming LLC and obtain the same asset protection with charging orders you need a multi member LLC to obtain in other states. But the best thing about a Wyoming LLC is you can file it online and it will be formed instantly. Done the same day!

Wyoming LLC Benefits

  • Privacy and anonymity
  • No LLC members are listed with Wyoming
  • No LLC managers are listed with Wyoming
  • No requirement to store the LLC operating agreement in state
  • No requirement to come to Wyoming
  • You do not have to be a resident of Wyoming to own a WY LLC
  • The best charging order protection in the country
  • The ability to have a closed LLC
  • No fees based on capital contributions
  • Ability to open a bank account anywhere
  • No need to come to Wyoming
  • No LLC operating agreement required, but you should have one
  • Fees not based on amount of members or owners
  • No personal or corporate income tax
  • You can make a Wyoming LLC an S corp with the IRS
  • You can elect to have a Wyoming LLC taxed as a C Corporation with the IRS
  • Diverse options for membership protections and controlling interests in LLC membership
  • Wyoming LLCs can be formed instantly. No waiting times.

How to file a Wyoming LLC yourself: $125 total

  1. Order our WY resident agent service for $25. If you live in WY, you could be your own registered agent and the Wyoming limited liability company will only cost you $100.
  2. You can file articles of organization online. Electronic submission will process your articles of organization instantly!
  3. Or if you’d rather use paper articles, we have the Articles of Organization template in your account immediately. You use that with our registered agent consent form and can mail your articles in to the Wyoming SOS.

Online filings are processed instantly. You can do a Wyoming LLC name search here to confirm that you company is registered.

If filing online, you get articles instantly. If you mail your articles in, the state will mail you back a filed copy of your Wyoming L.L.C. formation paperwork, and you’ll be done. That’s all you have to do to form a Wyoming LLC. When it’s all complete, this is the cheapest way to form a Wyoming limited liability company for a total of $125.

If you’d rather have a Wyoming corporation, please check out our page on how to incorporate in Wyoming.

Why use US to form your Wyoming LLC:

If you try to file your own WY LLC, you will screw up the privacy part. Your information will be on permanent record. We pick up new registered agent clients who unfortunately used some of the big national incorporation services or cut-rate registered agent services and got their information listed on the WY SOS website. We do this as a service to you, to get your Wyoming LLC formed right the first time, without getting your information on public records. We only charge $150 total. And that includes everything, and you’ll have everything you need the same day and we will have kept your information out of the public records.

Our Wyoming LLC package includes:

  • $150 total. That includes all fees and everything
  • The $100 Wyoming State filing fee for the WY LLC Articles of Organization
  • First year of $25 registered agent and registered office services
  • Listing our address on the Wyoming LLC articles as the principal address
  • Listing our address on the Wyoming LLC articles as the mailing address
  • Wyoming Phone Service – try out a virtual phone line for 60 days for free!
  • We sign as the LLC organizer to keep your info offline
  • Listing our address for the organizer address
  • We email you a scanned copy of the filed Wyoming L.L.C. articles as soon as we get them back
  • We always store a copy of your filed LLC articles in your online account
  • Necessary compliance with WY state laws
  • A Wyoming LLC operating agreement
  • Ongoing support of an online account to manage your LLC documents
  • Free Wyoming mail forwarding
  • Use of our address for your LLC business face
  • No PO Boxes needed to get your mail

All for only $150 total. If you want to form a Wyoming limited liability company, this is the best Wyoming L.L.C. package you can find. We form Wyoming companies every day, and the reason we do it so cheap is because we want your LLC set up right, so that you’ll pay us a $25 registered agent renewal the next year. There’s no point in our mind for you paying us $25 now, filing your own LLC and messing it up, only to be mad when you realize it, and then not renew the next year. We also include free Wyoming mail forwarding for all clients. We also offer your own 307 Wyoming Phone Number for $10 a month.

What kind of LLC endings can I have?

An LLC must have an ending that can be abbreviated: LLC or LC. You can add periods after each letter and a comma in between your name if wanted. You can also write out the full words: Limited Liability Company or Limited Company. And if you want to really be unique you could have a mix and do: Limited Liability Co, Ltd. Liability Company, or Ltd. Liability Co. You cannot use corporation endings for LLCs.

What’s the process to form a Wyoming LLC?

To form an LLC, you send articles of organization to the Wyoming Secretary of State. You may form a Wyoming LLC on your own and appoint us as your registered agent. The Wyoming LLC Articles of Organization and filing tips are in your client account and can be accessed immediately when you place an order with us. You can also file online. So you don’t need to hire us to form a Wyoming LLC, but you should. We barely charge you anything, and we’ll do a better job than you will yourself.

Why you should never form a WY LLC yourself:

The problem with this option is that a Wyoming LLC is anonymous by nature. The only thing you can really do yourself is screw it up. We prefer our clients just let us do it for them. We can form a Wyoming company at a break even point just to get it done right for you the first time. If you want a properly filed Wyoming limited liability company, your best option is hire us to do it for you. Not only will you get your information into the public databases, you’ll also establish a money record between you and the state. By paying us, your money trail ends here.

How much will a Wyoming LLC cost to start?

  • The initial costs are a $100 filing fee to the WY SOS.
  • Registered agent costs. Ours is only $25.
  • Professional Service costs. If you hire us, we only charge $25, so a total of $150
  • Certificate of Good Standing. Wyoming offers free certificates of good standing and you can get them instantly online.
  • Certified Copy. You can order a certified copy of your articles, but there’s no need to for $10.00
  • Purchasing a trade name. Also known as a DBA, many Wyoming LLCs opt to have a trade name for franchising and branding purposes. If you’re interested you can add our Trade Name Service for $200 after signing up for our LLC formation service.

How much will a Wyoming LLC cost each year?

The state charges $62 each year. You owe an annual report on the first day of the month in which your LLC was formed in.

So in summary, after you form a Wyoming LLC, the next year you’ll owe $62 to the state, and $25 to us as your Wyoming Registered Agent.

We offer Wyoming LLC formation services as a benefit to our clients in order to get your Wyoming LLC filed correctly. We get many change of agent orders from other budget agent companies that ended up doing their clients a disservice and did not form a Wyoming LLC privately the first time. This is always a bummer, because if they had come to us first they would have had their Wyoming LLC formed properly and privately the first time.