Wyoming Business Presence

Get the best business services for the best price. When you hire us to form your company or be your registered agent, you can get an instant business website, email, SSL, and phone service at no upfront cost.

Get a Registered Agent – $25 Form a Company – $150

Create an Online Presence for Your Business

Reach customers, protect your privacy, and save money, using our one-stop shop for all your business needs.

Wyoming Business Presence bundle includes:

Business Presence services are FREE for the first 90 days. After that, each of these services renews for $9/month, with a 20% bulk discount if you keep the entire bundle. If you’re not satisfied, we make it easy to cancel at any time in your online account.

Business Domain Name

With Business Presence, you get a custom domain name for your business website, totally free for the first year.

What is a domain name for a business?

A domain name is the address for a website. For example, our domain is wyomingagents.com. Domains are registered through domain registrars, and they need to be renewed (usually once a year).

When choosing a domain for your business, you’ll probably want a name that either matches or complements your business name. You should also consider the extension you want for your domain (called the top level domain, or TLD). The most common TLD is .com, but you can choose from a range of TLDs, including .net and .org.

How much does it cost to get a domain for a business?

We’ll register your domain completely free for the first year! After that you’ll pay a low annual fee based on the value of your domain. Most of our domains are just $25 per year.

Business Website

Start reaching customers and building your brand right away with a pre-built, easily customizable business website. No coding experience necessary.

If you need help customizing your website, our local customer support team is just an email or phone call away. Some website-building companies charge you extra to speak to a real human, but we never will. Call us anytime, and we’ll stay on the phone with you as long as you need to create the website of your dreams.

How do I create a website for my business?

Most small business owners create their website using a website builder (like ours!). Many of our competitors use proprietary software, so if you cancel the service, you’ll lose access to your website. That’s not our style. Our website builder uses open source software, so even if you cancel our service, you can keep using your site through another web hosting platform.

Plus, while many companies will tack your domain to the end of their web address, when you build your website with us, your web address is all yours. For example, instead of bigwebsitebuildingcompany.com/mybusinessnamehere, your web address would simply be mybusinessnamehere.com.

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SSL Certificate

Privacy and security are our core values, so we have high standards for the security technology we offer. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and this security protocol encrypts the data shared through your website, keeping it from ending up in the wrong hands. Your SSL Certificate also lets visitors know that your website is trustworthy. These days, nearly every website uses SSL, and it’s especially crucial if you plan to collect customer data (like email addresses or credit card information) on your website.

You can tell that a website is protected by SSL because the URL will begin with “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP.”

Business Email

When emailing clients or business partners, it’s important to use a professional-looking email address clearly attached to your business. With our business email service, you can get up to 10 email addresses ending in your domain name. Our email service is ad-free, and we will NEVER sell your data to third parties.

How do I make my email address professional?

Business email addresses look the most professional when they end in a unique domain linking them to the business. For example, janedoe@mybusinessnamehere.com. Business and marketing emails sent from addresses ending in a generic domain (gmail.com, hotmail.com, etc.) often go straight to the spam folder, so the intended recipient may not even see them.

You can also make your business look larger and more established—even if you’re the only employee—by having multiple email addresses using the same domain. Think accounting@mybusinessnamehere.com, support@mybusinessnamehere.com, etc.

Business Phone Number

Using your personal cell phone number to do business isn’t just unprofessional. It can also compromise your privacy and even your safety. Our VOIP phone service gives you a secure business phone number (with local area code!) you can access from your own cell phone, computer, or tablet. Phone service includes unlimited talk and text, call forwarding, Visual Voicemail (transcribes voicemails as text), and lifetime support from our Sheridan-based team.

WY Business Presence Pricing & Discount

Try all services free for at least 90 days. Then decide which ones to keep or save 20% by keeping the entire bundle.

Business Presence Service Pricing
Domain Name Free for first year, then based on market value
Open Source Website Free for 90 days, then $9/month
SSL Certificate Free for 90 days, then $9/month
Email Address Free for 90 days, then $9/month
Business Phone Line Free for 90 days, then $9/month

How to Sign Up for WY Business Presence

You can easily include Business Presence in your order when you sign up for company formation or registered agent service. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up for Wyoming registered agent service ($25/year) or company formation ($150 total).
  2. Keep the box for Wyoming Business Presence checked in the sign-up form.
  3. After you complete your order, activate your new services inside your online account. Our customer support team is on call to help you set up your services.
  4. Enjoy your services free for 90 days.
  5. After 90 days, your services will auto-renew for $9/month per service until you cancel them*. You get a 20% bulk discount when you keep all Business Presence services. It’s easy to cancel at any time from your online account.

*Excluding your domain, which is free for an entire year, then priced according to market value.