How to Move a Nevada Company to Wyoming

Many people move their Nevada companies to Wyoming. The benefits are obvious, but Wyoming only costs $50 a year for an annual report. Wyoming has no income tax Department of Revenue. Wyoming is not broke. There is a special process to move a Nevada LLC to Wyoming and redomesticate it as a Wyoming LLC. There is also a special process to move a Nevada Corporation to Wyoming and redomesticate it as a Wyoming Corporation.

You will keep your original Nevada company business start date, you can keep your original EIN, and the entire process can be done in about a week.

Steps to move a Nevada company to Wyoming:

  1. Order supporting documentation: You need to order a Nevada certificate of good standing and a certified copy of your articles of organization or articles of incorporation. You can order a Nevada certificate of good standing online, but it’s a real hassle. You have to create an online account with the Nevada Secretary of State, wait for the Nevada Secretary of State to send you an email with a link to verify your email address, place an order for a certificate of good standing, and then it doesn’t even process it immediately. You have to log in later and get it. Here’s where you get a Nevada certificate of good standing online. There’s a better way! You have to order a certified copy of your articles of organization for a Nevada LLC or articles of incorporation for a Nevada corporation anyway. You can’t do so online. BUT, when ordering a certified copy, you can request a certificate of good standing at the same time. Here’s how to get the necessary supporting Nevada documentation:
      • Fill out this copies order form
      • You’ll have to look up your company which you can do so here to get the file number
      • You’ll need it mailed to you. Wyoming requires original documents. If you have a FedEx or UPS number, you can have it overnighted to you.
      • Mark Certify as a packet
      • Mark Articles and all amendments
      • Mark 1 copy
      • Mark short form certificate of good standing
      • On page 4, you can pay with credit card. You’ll owe at least: $30 for the certified copy + $50 for the short form certificate of good standing. We understand regular processing is about 1-2 weeks. You can expedite your order for $250 total and they will return your order in 24 hours.
      • Great thing is you can email it to:
      • If you already have a certified copy, it has to be dated within 6 months and include any and all amendments. If you already have a certificate of good standing, it has to be dated within 30 days.
  1. Fill out the Wyoming Articles of Domestication:
  2. Hire a Wyoming Registered Agent: This is a crucial step, because it’s required to have one, but you’ll notice when filling out the articles, you need a mailing address, principal address, and registered office address. With our Wyoming Registered Agent Services, you can use our address for everything. We only charge $25 a year. The cheapest in the entire State of Wyoming. You should hire your registered agent now, while waiting for Nevada to get your certificates back to you, because we have to mail you an original registered agent consent. We’ll mail it the same day you place an order so you’ll have it ready to go. You can order our $25 Wyoming Registered Agent Service Here.
  3. Odd things to note on the Wyoming Filing
    • Date of Formation. This is the date you formed your company in Nevada.
    • Consent to appointment of registered agent. This has to be an original signature. We will mail this consent form to you the same day you hire us.
    • Corporations, you list your duration period. Most Nevada companies are formed in perpetuity.
    • You must list your business purpose. A general purpose clause, something like: “Any general business activity” is acceptable.
    • The President, Secretary, Treasurer, and one Director is required for corporations. You do not have to have the role of Vice President filled. LLCs do not list members or managers. This information is held private with you and your registered agent service.
    • If a Nevada Corporation: Number of shares you can authorize. This was set out when you formed a Nevada Corporation. So if you gave your corporation the authority to issue 1000 shares, or 10,000 shares, you document that here.
    • If a Nevada Corporation: The amount of shares you have issued. So most small held corporations do not issue all the shares. If you authorized 100 shares to be created, you typically only issue 60% of them to yourself. If you have a super complex set of shares and structures of stock, you can attach a separate page documenting it.
    • You can list our phone number, email, and address after your signature. Someone from the Nevada LLC or Nevada Corporation has to sign the document though.
  4. Send in your filing to the Wyoming Secretary of State:
    So you’ll need to gather:

    • Your Nevada Certificate of Good Standing and Certified Copy of your articles
    • The Articles of Domestication
    • Registered Agent Consent
    • Send in one originally signed and original set of paperwork.
    • One copy of everything
    • A Check for $100 made out to the Wyoming Secretary of State
    • Mail everything to: 2020 Carey Avenue Suite 700 Cheyenne, WY 82002-0020 If you have any questions the Wyoming Secretary of State phone number is 307-777-7311 and email is Unlike the Nevada Secretary of State, you’ll find our state workers answer the phone right away and you will get your answers dealt with right away. We have a different idea of service levels here in the Cowboy State.
    • You’ll get the copy that you sent in, stamped and mailed back to you or emailed back in about 3-5 business days after they get it. You can do a Wyoming Business Name Search here to see your business name registered in real time. There’s no delay from when a state worker approves your filing to showing up online.
  5. Dissolve your Nevada LLC or Nevada Corporation:
    Now the honest truth is that Wyoming could care less if you dissolve your Nevada LLC or Nevada Corporation. The Secretary of State used to care, but that’s how Wyoming is. Wyoming goes the extra mile to make things easier on you. You used to have to get these articles of domestication notarized and show a copy of the dissolution filing. Wyoming got rid of that requirement to make this process easier for you. Unlike Nevada, which has raised the dissolution filing fees from $50 to $100 to hit you a little harder on the way out. So some clients prefer to just officially be done with their Nevada LLC or Nevada Corporation and file the dissolution. A lot of them don’t and just let their Nevada company get dissolved. So you can let your Nevada company go. Wyoming won’t care. After you miss your annual report date, which is due on the first day of the anniversary month in which you initially formed your Nevada company, you will immediately go into default status. You will stay in “default” status for 1 year. One year later, you will go to “revoked” status, and from Nevada’s perspective, you’ve basically gone away. We feel inclined to say to you that if you’re going through law suits or really really worried about someone putting your company under a microscope, you may want to just go ahead and pay the $100 to officially have a paper-trail of closing your Nevada company down. The only reason we see is that technically, NRS 86.274 with Nevada says that if the State of Nevada closes you down, you’re supposed to liquidate your assets. It would be obvious that you moved your company to Wyoming, but we’re just pointing out an oddity to think about. If you’d like to officially dissolve your Nevada company, here’s the forms:

Benefits of Wyoming Company vs a Nevada Company

While there are some steps here, you’ll find it well worth it in the long run to have a Wyoming LLC or a Wyoming Corporation instead of a Nevada company. Just the annual report fee alone being $60 makes up for it in one year. Nevada has a income tax return. Nevada shows the members and managers online. Nevada costs $325 a year for a LLC and $500+ for a corporation. Wyoming provides certificates of good standing for free instantly. If you ever want a certified copy, it’s $3.00! 3 bucks. That’s how we roll.

The question isn’t whether you should move your Nevada company to Wyoming, it’s who you should use to help you maintain it.

Another option! Just let the Nevada Company go and start a new Wyoming Company:

You could easily just keep using your same EIN number. Don’t pay NV anything. Have us form a new Wyoming LLC or a new Wyoming Corporation for you. We’ll be done in about 5 days. It will only cost you $150 total and move on.

Here’s why you should let us help you:

  1. This page was helpful wasn’t it? We try very hard to not sell you a bunch of things you don’t need and to provide you help instead of a service to pay for. You can see our company philosophy here.
  2. We only charge you $25 a year to be your registered agent. This includes an online dashboard where we’ll scan your law suits and 3 items a year from free of regular mail the same day we receive it. We send your report reminders and provide you tools to deal with corporate paperwork.
  3. We offer a Wyoming phone number for only $10 a month.
  4. We can also offer a Wyoming Virtual Office plan for $19 a month and that includes your unique suite number, a 307 phone number, and an office lease.
  5. Or we offer two different Wyoming Mail forwarding plan levels to fit the amount of mail you expect to receive. Both plans come with a unique suite number.
  6. We’re not in Cheyenne. There’s a lot of funny business from service providers in Cheyenne. They’ll charge you one price one year, and a lot more the next. We are the cheapest Wyoming registered agent service, but we don’t have to play these games to make a living.